Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This past weekend, my family and I took a road trip to Iowa. My friend Megan lives there with her husband and daughter, Addison. We went to an apple orchard, chilled out, visited some old bridges, and ate yummy yummy food. It was a good little trip. Thanks guys for having us!!!
Beatutiful Iowa farm fields, soy beans and corn

Happy Children.... (we shall not discuss how often they were fighting)

We visited the Center Grove Apple Orchard, and met this handsom fellow.

Abby at the Apple Orchard. Peek-a-boo

On Sunday we took a drive thru Madison County to see the covered bridges, and found this little "castle".

My cuties being silly in one of the bridges. I dunno why, but they sure thought this was fun.


This was the bridge in the movie, Bridges of Madison County. A special thanks to Chris and my husband, who I'm sure could have lived without making the trip to see the bridges. Thanks for humoring me and letting me get some pics. ;)