Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday and other goings on

My handsome boy. Today is his birthday. Although he won't turn 7 until 8:51 p.m, and he's quick to remind everyone of that. He's still got a little while to enjoy the ease of being 6....
I can't really comprehend that its been 7 years since this child came into this world with a little "meeep" and that's the quietest he ever has been. He's witty, funny, super goofy, intelligent, stubborn, a rule-follower, a leader, and just an all around happy little boy. Can't imagine a world without this kid.

Blowing bubbles is serious business people. I love how concentrated she gets with things.

Eyeliner Lily
Bloomed about a week earlier than last year. And it lost all the petals after the storms we got last night. Good thing there are still some more blooms left.

Daddy & Alex
Go Rangers!

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