Wednesday, August 3, 2011

iPhone Photo Recap

The 80's look is back apparently. 
This look is completely inspired by her 8 yr old girl cousin - who my Abby just adores.  

Waiting at the Dr's office. 
(its forced reading - so don't think he's something special for reading instead of acting like a clown while waiting - he gets plenty of time to act like a clown)  

 Swim time. 
(see above about being a clown)

Baby ice cream cones for my baby.  

*new* lockers for the garage. 
The kids think these are the coolest things ever and have been storing random things in them just to have the chance to open the door like a real teenager.  

My little PSA. 
For when you don't have the nerve to tell someone how you really feel - put it on a shirt and make your kid wear it.  

School supplies, lots and lottsa school supplies 

Wall art
Converting the playroom to a study. Pics when the room is complete.*
*hopefully sometime before the kids move away to college... 

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