Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Copying from a friend this morning and hopping on the Thankful Thursday bandwagon.

- spellcheck
- pigtails
- muffins with moms
- especially since they were serving donuts too!
- the ability to attend functions at my kids' schools
- a spot for Abby in ALL-DAY kindergarten for the next school year!!!!!!!
- no more paying a monthly tuition for school
- my job, even though I have been known to complain about it... but seriously its the best job ever in the sense that I get paid way too much to do way too little! ;)
- flip flops. all.summer.long.
- Summer Break!!!!!
- Being able to be home more this summer
- My parents
- (they have a pool!!)
- (and they're cool)
- My in-laws
- a cell phone with a built-in camera - where was this in the 90's?!
- a beautiful pond in my neighborhood
- where 2 laps equals one mile
- and walking it with my kiddos
- and getting to enjoy their company free of all other distractions
- seeing Alex run almost a half mile straight
- kid's a natural
- an upcoming visit with a friend... and her new BABY
- patio night
- visiting old friends in Tulsa who also have a new BABY
- watching a friend run her first 5K on Saturday!
- and seeing her beautiful family!
- forgiveness and grace
- oh and SUMMER BREAK!!!

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

Just hopped on my reader's digest thingamabob to see you blogged recently. Loved reading this. Sorry I had to cancel our visit last night. Thank you for being so incredibly understanding! Love your new header, btw. Xoxo!!!