Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love/Hate Tuesday

Love: Pandora's PG Comedy channel
Hate: It tends to reply some of the same material over and over

Love: The warm weather
Hate: The sweating that comes with the warm weather

Love: The rental car I have while my car is in the shop
Hate: That is is kind of a grandma car and I feel like I'm 75 while driving

Love: Kids sleeping in late in the summer
Hate: That I can't always join them

Love: the in-laws for watching my son this summer
Hate: nope, nothing for this one

Love: Tball season is almost over!!
Hate: hmmm...

Love: Swimming at my parents pool
Hate: the ducks that think they need to share the pool, ew

Love: my hard working husband
Hate: wild fires that keep him away from home

Love: messy-haired, sleepy little 4yr old girl that greets me every morning
Hate: combing that messy hair!

Love: the ornery-ness of my son
Hate: see above

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