Monday, June 20, 2011

iPhone Random Photos

I'm always taking pictures with my phone, so here's a recap of some photos in no particular order: 

Ernie and I on Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahama's. There's only one word for that place: BEAUTIFUL   

Alex and my much younger cousin, Josh on Memorial Day at my grandmother's house in Texas. Alex thought Josh was the coolest thing since sliced bread. 

Me and my girl, just playing around.  

Alex with a mustache this last Friday night at a birthday party for one of his team mates.  

Ms Brooke and Abby. Ms Brooke is one of the tball moms and I think its pretty fantastic the way she is with Abby. And also, its been heard that Brooke's son, Tegan, *likes* Abby. 

Ernie and I. Being silly, as always. This was in the pediatrician's office. We were waiting for the Dr and trying to entertain ourselves and the children. It worked. 

Mr. Alex lost his first two toothies. He's pretty proud.  

Abby and the storm. Sometimes they are one in the same. 

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