Monday, June 20, 2011

What's In The Bag?

Ever been to a baby shower or wedding shower where they play that game where they call out random things and you have to try to find it in your bag or purse? The one with the most random crazy things wins. I love that game. And when my kiddos were a little younger I used to carry more random silly things, of course they are still young and from time-to-time you will most certainly find a McDonald's Happy Meal toy (or two) in my purse, maybe a half eaten cookie or sucker, and almost always an empty fruit snack wrapper (we call them gummies). 
When I saw my friend at A Snapshot of Us had done this post (inspired by Laurie at The Corner Slice Blog), I knew I had to join in. I didn't know what I would find in my bag and to my surprise, it wasn't anything all that exciting. But it was a good chance to clean it out. So here's what I found: 

This is my Summer purse. I love it. I think its some name brand, but I have no idea what. I bought it at the PX at an Army base the summer my husband was deployed. It was probably $65, and to some that is a steal, but I have never spent so much on a bag.  However...  its a BIG pink bag, so the price tag was worth it. Plus retail therapy was big for me that year.   

(1.) This would be my gum section. I almost always have gum. The Orbit gum belongs to Abby, which she has forgotten all about. I am currently telling the kids "I'm all out of gum today, sorry". They ask if they can have gum about 267 times a day. (2.) One of Abby's bows. Its not odd to find one two  ten of her bows in my purse. We start the day off with a bow and in my purse is where they end up. (3.) Hand sanitzer and contact solution (4.) $1.18 in change, just enough to buy one snow cone at the next tball game and have change left over (5.) No clue what these are called, but they are used to hold up your rolled-up sleeves. Abby uses them for her tball uniform and I think they make her look like a super-serious ball player (6.) Free lotion from Ulta - Va Va Vanilla (7.) DayQuil for those random not-feeling-well-days. 

(1.) Children's Pepto. Cause my kids' tummies sometimes hurt. (2.) My go-to lip color selection. From L to R: Maybelline -Sandstone Shimmer, Neutragena's MoistureShine Lip Soother - Shimmer 10 (this one is AWESOME, sometimes I wear it alone, sometimes on top of a color), Clinique - Angelic,  Maybelline - Mocha Ice (3.) Clinique Stay Neutral powder which is now like two shades to light thanks to my summer tan (4.) hair brush (5.) a necklace I wore to work about three weeks ago, it was a little heavy so it landed in the purse (6.) Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheets. Can't live without these things!! Sokes up the oil and gets rid of shine without messing up makeup. (7.) anytime someone asks "Does anyone have a pen?" I'm always the one that has one. Always.

(1.) My wallet, its cute but doesn't close very well (2.) Coupon for local theme parks that I'm sure I'll never use, but can't throw away (3.) notes. One of these is a calendar I print out each month that lists what bills are due when. Its my life-line for my finances (4.) Car loan book with note (5.) Old checks, book of deposit slips, and check book. Its a little ridiculous, I know (6.) Dentist appointment reminder and envelope for church giving (7.) photo book that my kids always ask to look at when they are bored (8.) keys to home and office and car keys to the rental that I'm driving while my car is in the shop. I've been the driver of a white Buick Lucerne for about a week now. And while I feel like I'm a 75 year-old grandma while driving it, it really is a nice car!

Not pictured: Cell phone, walmart bag (to use for an emergency laundry bag - you mom's know), 4 receipts, 8 gum wrappers, 3 loose pieces of gum, and crumbs from I'm really not sure what. 


ck said...

My blog reader lost track of your blog for some reason, but I tracked you down! ;-) (hope that's ok!) I now know how to find when I am in need of a pen and gum, lol! And, very cute pink bag!!!

KB said...

Chrissa - I changed the name and blog address. I thought that my followers wouldn't be affected. I guess not! Glad you tracked me down!!