Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love/Hate Tuesday

Love: That for the first day of summer, its actually going to be a tad cooler than it has been lately
Hate: That in no time it'll be back above 100

Love: swimming pools
Hate: getting chlorine out of my hair

Love: swimming pools - because I really do love them

Love: Big green trees outside my office
Hate: They block my view

Love: Pandora
Hate: The 40 hour per month limit

Love: Coffee dates with friends that GET me!
Hate: they don't happen often enough, but I'm still thankful for them anyway!

Love: My hubby that plays Mr. Mom on his days off, which includes doing LAUNDRY
Hate: that his day off isn't the same as mine

Love: Spring T-ball season is ending tonight
Hate: Spring T-ball season is ending tonight

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