Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Story... Part 2

So that night after spending the day with Ernie, and Michelle, I came home with my head in the clouds. My mom told me she'd volunteered me to babysit the kids a few doors down from us. Great. How was I supposed to watch 3 little kids when there was this BOY, oh this BOY that was just the greatest thing ever. What was I going to do?
Late that night after my babysitting job was done and I was back home in my room I got some paper and a pen and began writing. I wrote and poured my little 13 year old heart out to this boy and told him exactly how I felt. It was crazy and SO VERY unlike me. I am pretty sure I didn't really believe in myself that I'd really give it to him. But, I did. And the day I did, he called me after school. I can still remember trying to act so cool but secretly freaking out inside. Soon after he asked me to be his girlfriend. EEK! And then that lasted all of one day. I still don't remember what his excuse was. (could have been that I was 13 and in jr. high and he was 15 and about to be in high school...) But we actually did remain friends. That summer we talked on the phone, a lot. A LOT. And I moved on realizing this guy was just a friend. But soon becoming a really good friend. Better than any of my girl friends.

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tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

I love LOVE Stories... this is no exception! Cannot wait for the next installation! :)