Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank you's

Thank you, Maurice's Taylor Boot jean... for the sweet little reminder embroidered on the inside of my jean waistline... "curvy". I'm happy I noticed this just before lunchtime.

Thank you, Daughter .... for being funny. Humor is the key to your happiness.

Thank you, Tar-jay ... for having knock-off silver glitter Toms for little girls. My mini-me and my bank account thank you too.

Thank you, Smarty-pants Son .... for knocking the wind out of me with all your smartness.

Thank you, Honey... for working so much lately and helping to put out all those fires and being our hero. Our bank account thanks you for that too. ... So does Tar-jay.


ck said...

I love these!!! And, rats! I was just at Target this morning, and went down every shoe aisle *but* the little girl one. Will have to check out the glittery shoes for my little twinkle toes :-)

KB said...

CK - I haven't seen them at the store, I ordered them @
They came yesterday and she loves them and they are really cute on.
I also order some zebra print ones that are on back order for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully they come before her bday.