Thursday, September 15, 2011

iPhone Photo Recap

A moment of sweetness, big brother helping his sister on the computer. 
Have no fear, the moment was brief.  

Laughing with Daddy @ about 10pm
(do not ask why she was up - girl is a night owl)
He had just come home from a long day of putting out fires


Last swim of the year. 
(outside anyway)
First Cannonball of the year. 

He prefers the crazy "half jump/half belly flop"
I like his style

The things kids come up with.... 
(technically the rope on the scooter was my idea, they just added the bike)

Official score keeper for the Blue Sox. 
(and he's GOOD at it too!) 

See that PINK in the middle?
That's my girl. 
The only girl on the team.
Her coaches call her "Abbygirl" and I love it. 

Family uhh.. portrait?
For Alex's school project. 
This is probably the 15th try (NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING!)
We had to try 15 times because there was an awful lot of giggling. 
Pretty good reason for so many attempts. 

That's what we've been up to. What about you?? 


ck said...

What a great picture of you 4! And iPhones can take timer pictures for you??? I kinda really want one - but I have been so anti-fancy-cell-phone for so long now, I am too embarrassed to tell Ramon, heheheh! I love this chronicle of y'alls life. Great memories :-)

your wishcake. said...

I just wanted to thank you for the sweet and encouraging comment you left on my blog. :) It seriously means the world to me that more seasoned mamas (like you!) take the time to share advice and their own experiences. Especially on the days that everything seems to be a little too much, it's the encouragement from everyone that makes me feel much less alone...


Also? You have the sweetest family ever. Loved all these precious photos!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute family...beautiful pictures!!