Monday, March 26, 2012

Being a Grown Up.

So, I turned 32 yesterday. I have never really seen myself as an adult. Its like I'm stuck in 1999 at times. Sure, I have a mortgage for a house that must be cleaned and maintained, a car payment for a vehicle that I drive responsibly (even though its is as my mother calls it - a muscle car), a husband, two children, two animals, all of whom I must feed on a daily basis, and a job where I am pretty much responsible for the entire office functioning, I still have not really ever felt like an adult. I think 32 is going to change all that. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday, and saw a woman. A grown woman. It didn't really scare me, but I felt more like, "About time!"
I feel like I've never really been able to view other "grown ups" as equals in the community. I've always felt this sense of superiority that other adults had over me. Not anymore. I'm a grown up. I'm 32. I say things like "when I was younger" and "what's with the way kids dress these days" and I talk about the weather and politics (to an extent) with actual care and concern. I give advice to new moms, I teach young people at church.
Maybe this getting older thing isn't going to be so bad. I think I'll enjoy being 32.

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