Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Milk... does a body good.

I love the Ellen show. I love Ellen. She really freaks my freak and brightens my afternoons. She's hilarious and caring and honest and genuine. I love that she helps so many people and I love watching her guests as they scream and cry after being given prizes or money that will help them ease their burdens. Its great.
Last week on the show,  author and nutritionist, Kathy Freston talked about her new book and being vegan. I'm all for healthy eating and I know Ellen is vegan and swears by it and that's fabulous. For her. Me, not so much. I'm just not buying it. But I get that for lots of people its a great option for them.
During the interview Freston talked about her new book and the small steps that she has readers do each day to become a healthier person. Day One, drink water. Easy enough. Then she went on to talking about cutting out cow's milk from your diet. Obviously, I am no nutritionist, nor a doctor, so I cannot truly weigh the pros and cons of cow's milk. However, her argument for eliminating it from your diet did not make sense to me ... at all.
Freston said that cow's make milk to feed their young, just as human's do. The cow's milk is designed to plump up that calf and help it to grow into this 1,500lb cow. Yes, true. However, as human's we do not drink pure cow's milk and there are several options to whole milk that reduces the amount of fat in the milk, while still leaving the vitamins that we need.
She correlated calves drinking their momma's milk to human babies drinking their mommas milk and that typically we stop feeding our young after at least a few years. So why would we still consume cow's milk after the first few years of life? That it will lead us to being fat. Well... I don't know about you, but I don't live on a diet of purely milk. Babies' only source of nutrition comes from their mother's milk (or formula milk) and because they are growing at such a fast rate, they need all the nutrients and fat that is found in milk. But as babies get older, they move on to other sources of nutrition and do not rely solely on milk anymore.
I just don't see how having a bowl of cereal with cow's milk and maybe a glass of milk a day is hurting me. I really just thought her argument was not a well thought out one, nor a very accurate one.
I think in this time of obesity everyone is looking for someone to blame. Blaming certain foods is the easiest way out. I do agree that with the increase of fast food and over-processed foods, obesity has risen. But leave our staples alone. People drank cow's milk in the 40's and 50's and there was not an obesity problem then. Sure we know a lot more than we did 50-60 years ago, but on this topic, I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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