Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I honestly don't remember a lot from college. And no, it wasn't because I partied the memories away. I was a good girl in college. I was a married woman for most of it. Living off campus, in a house that my husband and I paid for and working my way thru it. But for some reason, I just don't remember a whole lot of what I learned in college. Probably because I didn't give it the attention it deserved. It was not a priority. I wish I had made it a prority. I got by. I graduated and my degree is hanging on my wall in my office, but to me its just a piece of paper.

I found this picture while cleaning out a closet a few weeks ago:
Ah... the Conquest of New Spain. Good ole Bernal Diaz. This book brought back a lot of memories of a class that my best friend and I took one semester. I think that's the class I did the best in because she was the one who really made college a priority so she kind of forced me to make it a priority too. At least that class. I can't remember what it was called, History of the Aztecs or something similar. Why oh why did we chose that class??  It was a challenging class, but it was fun too. The professor lived and breathed Aztec History. He spoke about it with such passion that you would have thought he actually lived it. The whole class time was lecture. There was no textbook (that I recall) but rather it was just him telling us stories every class period. I rushed to write down every single thing he said when all I wanted to do was just sit back and listen. He taught us about the Mayan calander and the Aztec calendar. What a mess! We had to remember all the emporers. My friend and I made up a song using the first letter of each emporer.
Even though I don't remember all the details of the class and all the facts we had to learn I'm still glad I took that class.
What was your favorite college class and do you remember everything you learned??


ck said...

Is it bad that I can't even remember how long I have been out of college??? My favorite class was definitely the one about teaching Social Studies. The professor really challenged us to use literature to present ideas to kids, to help them expand their minds past the "it's all about me" viewpoint that has run rampant across America. Good stuff. Oh, and the "teaching art to little kids" class was pretty cool, too. Especially when I made a sock puppet one night, while my aerospace engineer roommate stayed up until 3am working on ONE math problem.... ;-)

KB said...

Chrissa - I'm pretty sure I majored in the wrong thing. Making sock puppets is more up my alley!