Thursday, August 23, 2012

A new school year

 My kids started school last week. They are at the same school this year. And they are both so happy about this! (So am I!!!) We were *lucky* enough to win a spot in the one and only all day kindergarten class at our school. Yes... we won a spot. Its craziness really. Our school system is required to "offer" all day kindergarten, but due to space and budget and politics... not all of the kindergarten classes are all day. For this year they did a lottery and drew names for the 20 spots. Our school has 4 half day classes and one all day. We we SO happy to get one of the all day spots because that meant we didn't have to pay to send Abby to a private school that offers all day and she would get the most awesome teacher ever! Seriously, her kindergarten teacher is so cool. I love her already.

My happy kids on the first day of school! Alex is in 3rd and Abby is in Kindergarten.

Walking to the school and talking.
Since Alex is the big kid who has had years and years of experience at this school thing, he happily explained to Abby all the details about school. He told her what is good in the cafeteria and what isn't, what the cool toys are on the playground, who the nice teachers are.... you know...all the important stuff. He really has been great with her. After two days she was a pro and happily talking about her school as if she'd been there a year already.
Alex is in 3rd grade this year. Apparently 3rd grade is the year they stop being babies. Its the big kid year. Funny... I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until Freshman year of college. Hmmm... I'm really not ready for this. Lets rewind time and we'll curl up on the couch while I feed you a bottle and play with your toes to make you laugh? No? Whatever.. Go to class and learn your multiplication tables and cursive and nevermind your dear ole mom. I'll be over here in the corner looking at your baby book and wondering how in the world 8 years has gone by so quickly.
And while I am sad that they are growing up a little too fast for my taste, I am also very excited for what this school year has to offer. This year I am serving on the PTA Executive Board. I absolutely love being so involved and I know they love it too. I look forward to all the school activites and even the homework (ask me about that again in a month or so!) and I look forward to seeing how they grow as they learn.

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