Friday, August 24, 2012

Radom Fact Friday

I can be very random at times. Sometimes I have a lot to say but really no context to say them in. So here we are, a bunch of random things that are going through my head today.

-I have a secret that I am dying to tell. Especially to my kids because I know they will be so happy and excited about my secret.
-No... I'm not pregnant!!
- I really think iPhones should have a lot more notification sound options. How many more times must we be in a room with other people when we hear an iPhone and everyone says "was that your phone or mine?"
-I still love the Dixie Chicks.
- I'm a Pinterest Flunky. I pin and pin and pin but that's really as far as it goes.
- I'm so ready for winter. Like a serious winter. I'm not messing around with mild temperatures and no precipitation. I want it cold and I want snow.
- Maybe I need to just move??
- When I was younger I was just sure that when I was a grown up I would move far away from home. I live 4 1/2 miles from where I grew up.
- My husband lives 0.7 miles from his childhood home. Wow, we've really gone far!
- I'm ready to have lasik done on my eyes. I'm over being freaked out by it and ready to just do it already.
- My bank account isn't quite as ready for it.
- My bank account also is not ready for new furniture, a new car for the hubby, or a swimming pool.
- Stupid bank account.
- It can however afford a small monthly fee for Abby to start gymnastics class. yay!
- I always say I'm going to write down all the funny things my kids say but then I forget and I don't and then I forget what they say that is so funny.
- But they are funny.
- oh.... here's one... The other night my husband was saying goodnight to Alex. They like to roughhouse before bed. I'm not a big fan of disrupting the quiet.. sleepy mood in the house (although I secretly love hearing the giggles and cries of out right laughter coming from his room). Well, once again, they were at it. Alex stops mid-laugh to tell his Daddy (in a super serious voice) "you know mommy can hear us, right? We are both going to get in trouble." My son. He knows me so well. ;)
- I woke up this morning to a little girl in the middle of the bed using my arm as a huggy pillow and I pretty much melted.

What kinds of random things are on your mind today?


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

LOVED reading this my friend!!! :)
Random thoughts -why r men such wimps? -why IS my bank account so dry when we didn't spent extra $ ALL summer long? -why am i always trying to lose weight but never really accomplishing much? -is it naptime yet? or snack time yet? :)

KB said...

Men are wimps because they never have to go thru childbirth.
I wish I knew about the weight thing. I've been yo-yo'ing all year. Way down and then way back up. But you ... look awesome!
It was just snack time here. Dr. Pepper and peanut butter M&Ms... what do ya mean that's the answer to my weight gain? :)

Andrea said...

Adorable post. I love it. I love all those random thoughts. My husband does the same thing with our kids.