Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The University of Oklahoma campus. Waiting in my car, listening to the radio. Confused about what they were talking about. Walked into the Michael F. Price college of business for my first class of the day. I had to walk passed the graduates lounge. A crowd was starting to form in the doorway. I hadn't planned on stopping, but the TV inside the lounge caught my eye. I heard a news anchor repeat "The World Trade Center in New York City has just been struck by an airplane". It was oddly quiet in the hall as more students gathered. The second plane struck. My stomach sank. We all knew this was no accident now. People began to murmur that we were surely going to war.
I walked to my class as it was about to start. The professor walked in and told us all to go home and stay there. I went home to my tiny apartment near campus. My eyes were glued to the TV. I cried. And cried. And cried.
I'm sure when I am old and gray (God willing) that this day will still be fresh in my mind and I will still shed tears. Tears of sorrow for the loss of so many innocent people. Tears of fear that there are people in this world capable of such madness. And tears of hope that one day we'll all be in the kingdom of heaven and we will sufer no more.

Where were you???

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