Monday, September 17, 2012

Tball girl

We spent a majority of our weekend at the ballpark. Saturday from 10:30 to 3 and Sunday from 12:30 until 5:45. I have no clue how, as a parent and just sitting watching tball can tire you out SOOO much!! But it does!

Abby played 4 games and did really well. She is catching and throwing so much better! I absolutely LOVE the fact that when she goes up to bat, the other team is shocked that she can play just as well as the boys! Love it. She played catcher and centerfield mostly. She assisted in getting a few outs in centerfield. Her team won 1st place in the tournament. So fun.

I will tell you what is not so fun about tball though.... The competitiveness! It can get pretty hostile in the stands, letmetellyou. The kids play because its fun. The parents, well.. some of them take it WAY too dern seriously. Really..
Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a mom from the other team scream at the top of her lungs in a very Okie accent "GO PEANUT!!!" Apparently his nickname was Peanut, at least that's what I'm hoping. Well, when Peanut tagged my daughter out coming into home plate and then proceeded to push her to the ground to tag her out AGAIN (um.. once will do it kid) I had to walk away when the mom was telling her kid "That's okay, you didn't do anything wrong". Hmm.... Now I'm sure the kid didn't really have any malicious intent but the fact of the matter is, he did do something wrong. The coach should have been the one to quietly correct him, and nothing really needed to be said from the stands.
While checking to make sure she was okay in the dugout, a teammate came up to Abby and as sweet as he could possibly be said "I'm so sorry Abby, that was all my fault!! I got confused and didn't know when to run". Seriously, that kid has the kindest heart I've ever seen in a 6 yr old!
All-in-all another great weekend in the books.

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